Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So, it's been over a month but I am finally getting trip pictures put up, thinking about doing a giveaway, wondering what I need to do with this blog...

Here's the first leg of the trip-London {click on the photos to see the big version of em :)}

First view of London.... Taxis!  

Statue of the Duke of Wellington 

One of the lions around Trafalgar Square

{some random London building}

The iconic Telephone booth {outside of the British Museum}
Postcard shot of the London Eye and Big Ben {which is actually the bell, not the clock!}

London Bridge is in fact NOT falling down.  

British Museum {which has very little of anything British}

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

{this is a duck}

Big Ben {the bell} and the Thames River {the "tims" river}
{this should be pretty obvious....}

{these are fish}

{this is a fish} {no, I don't know what kind of fish}
Some sort of crocodile.... 
The view from the London Eye

Another view from the Eye

Next up {sometime} will be Edinburgh...

3 beloved comments:

Joshua Griffin said...

Thanks for clarifying on the duck. :) I never knew the Eye had capsule like that. I guess I just never payed close enough attention to the photos I had seen. Great photography.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Great Pics!
What a neat trip.

Rachel said...

You had me chuckling at several photo descriptions :)

Love the London Bridge shot!!

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